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Single Piston

Diverter Valve



XT/Baja Turbo



Recirc Blow Off Valve

Forge Single Piston Diverter Valve Subaru WRX/STi, XT/Baja Turbo

Made from billet aluminum, this recirculating diverter valve dumps the charge-air back into the air intake system keeping external noise to a minimum. This increases both quicker throttle response and higher clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably.

319.00 each

AP Adj. Blow Off Valve

Subaru WRX 08



With all turbocharged vehicles, keeping the turbo spooled up and boost pressure consistent is necessary for optimal performance. To enhance the new 2008 Subaru WRX, we have developed this fully adjustable and configurable blow off valve for your vehicle. The BOV body, flange, and adapters are CNC machined 6061 aluminum. Each component is anodized in your choice of blue, red, or silver. Internally, the valve uses a piston and spring design to hold the boost pressure. The steel coil spring has been tested to hold up to 40psi of pressure. The piston is made out of a durable brass which includes a Delrin washer to provide efficient movement inside the valve body. The valves top adjustment knob features a laser engraved AP logo, which can be turned to stiffen or loosen the spring. A locking collar is included which is made in stainless steel.

The valve can be set up in 3 configurations depending on your vehicles performance level and tuning. You can configure it as a 100% recirculation, 50/50 (where some recircs and some vents to atmosphere), and then 100% atmospheric where all the air is vented out. All appropriate plugs and fittings are included. The 50/50 setup is pictured. This valve fits all 2008 and up Subaru WRX GH and GE chassis with the factory top mount intercooler or intercooler flange.


Available in Silver, Red or Blue

Perrin Recirculating BOV

100% Recirc


XT/Baja Turbo

Perrin Black Recir BOV

The blow off valve is essential to all turbocharged vehicles. The purpose of the Perrin blow off valve is to relieve compressor surge without reducing compressor speed. This recirculating blow off valve controls boost pressure that is built up by the turbo and vents it into the atmosphere when your Subaru is not under load (in between shifts). This prevents pressure from backing up into the compressor housing, causing the turbo impeller blade to rapidly stop or even worse, to spin backwards (compressor surge or backspin). Doing so can be potentially destructive to the turbine wheel, shaft, and turbo life in your STI.

This Recirculating Blow off Valve bolts on for a simple install. Since this blow off valve recirculates air just like your stock blow off valve, you will not experience a rich condition between shifts, or hear a loud rush of air expelled. This Recirculating Blow off Valve is rated to hold 190 psi, so this blow off valve will never leak under high boost pressures.

A re-circulated BOV is the best because it is one where the boost pressure is re-circulated back into the intake just before the turbo. This type of set-up is a must for those that are running a Mass Air Fuel (MAF) sensor. The reason for this is that the MAF has already accounted for the air that is in the intake manifold, and if it were allowed to escape to the atmosphere, the car would run overly rich due to the fact that the ECU still believes that the air is in the intake tract. A bonus to running a re-circulated BOV is that the air being re-circulated can be brought back into the turbochargers intake pipe at a location and angle so that the air pressure is forced directly onto the compressor wheel. This will aid even more in helping to keep the turbo spooled up and running in-between shifts, or times when you are quickly on and off the gas pedal.

Subaru STI 2004-2015
Subaru WRX 2002-2015



AP Subaru Lightened Crank Pulley







The AP lightweight crank pulley for your Subaru EJ20, EJ22, and EJ25 motor.

This fits any WRX, STI, 2.5RS and more. The CNC machined aluminum pulley is made from high grade 6061 material and finished in either a Flat Black or Gloss Silver color. Each pulley has the Agency Power text laser engraved. The pulley has been broached for a perfect fit and the redesigned lightweight center gives you the best possible advantage over the competition.

The AP pulley is the same diameter as the stock pulley. Keeping the diameter the same allows no issues to occur with the alternator as under driven pulleys do sometimes. Weighing only 1.0lbs, it is almost 5lbs lighter then stock. This is also the lightest crank pulley on the market. This gives you quicker throttle response as well as more horsepower and torque. Saving on rotating mass results in better performance.

The AP pulley is a great performance part for your Impreza, WRX, STI, Legacy, Baja and Forester vehicle.



140 AMP High Output Alternator

140 AMP High Output Alternator

Direct Fit Models Include :


1999 - 2010 ALL FORESTER 2.5L

2003 - 2006 ALL BAJA 2.5L

2001 - 2009 ALL OUTBACK 2.5L & 2010 W/ 6G Pulley

2000 - 2009 ALL LEGACY 2.5L & 2010 W/ 6G Pulley

1999 - 2010 ALL IMPREZA 2.5L

2004 - 2010 ALL WRX STI 2.5L W/ TURBO

1999 - 2001 ALL IMPREZA 2.2L

2002 - 2005 IMPREZA WRX 2.0L

2005 - 2006 ALL SAAB 9-2X

Replaces Manufacturer's #'s

23700-AA540, 23700-AA570, A2TG0391, A3TG4291, A2TB6291, 23700-AA430,23700-AA390, A2TB2991, A2TB2891ZC, 23700-AA370, 23700-AA37A, A3TG0491, 23700-AA520, 23700-AA521, A3TG2391ZC, 23700-AA55A

Note: A 4 gauge (or better) power cable required to complete your upgrade. The power cable (mounted between the Battery Positive and Alternator charge post is needed as an additional path for current for the best battery maintenance during higher than normal load times. Use an inline fuse in this additional power cable mounted closer to the battery side.

Made to order, please be patient.

$500.00 plus shipping



Manual Boost Controller

WRX and STis have factory boost management that can vary boost level. Boost levels can vary based on gear, RPM, throttle position and more. With the simple installation of the PERRIN Performance™ boost controller you regain the ability to change and/or hold boost at whatever level you choose. This flexibility will increase low end boost response (in some cases as much as 750 RPM sooner than stock) in all gears and allow upper end increases in boost level. All will net a much faster vehicle without sacrifices to drivability.

The PERRIN Performance™ boost controller features a custom wound spring and ceramic metering ball for boost management. Months of testing with different spring rates and ball compositions allowed PERRIN™ to achieve the perfect balance of level and response. The lightweight ball and spring also prevent dangerous over-boosting found in other competitive units.

The PERRIN™ boost controller is easy to install and easy to adjust. Most shade-tree mechanics can install and be enjoying their new power in less than 30 minutes. Using indicator marks around the body of controller, the user can make adjustments in small or large increments (as fine a 1/4 lb!). Basic instructions, connectors, silicone hose and mounting hardware are all included with the controller. Some simple hand tools are all that's required to perform a professional installation.

General Install Instructions

$125.00 plus shipping


AP Manual Boost Control Kit

AP brand new Manual Boost Controller is now available for your turbo charged vehicle. Designed with performance, fitment, and style in mind, the AP MBC will give your turbo vehicle some much need horsepower with a couple of easy twists of the unique adjustment knob not seen on any other manual boost controller.

How does the AP MBC work? Simple! The MBC is a bleed valve design, which has you connecting the hoses on either side to the compressor and the waste gate of the turbo. The MBC controls the airflow through the valve by the adjusting knob. Loosen the knob and more air moves for higher boost pressure. Tighten the knob down and restrict the flow for less boost pressure.

The AP MBC includes 2 feet of 5/32 vacuum tubing, a flexible aluminum bracket that bolts to the MBC and has predrilled holes for universal fitment, and hardware.

$135.00 plus shipping

GrimmSpeed 3-Port BCS

Boost Control Solenoid
Boost Control Solenoid
GrimmSpeed introduces the most complete and easy to use 3-Port Electronic Boost Solenoid available on the Subaru market. This solenoid allows you to tune your OEM boost levels in a quick and efficient manner through your factory ECU. The stock boost control solenoid works fine at stock boost levels, but at elevated boost pressures will become extremely unstable and unpredictable, causing a potentially unsafe boost curve. The GrimmSpeed solenoid is designed to withstand unprecedented boost levels up to 120psi (far more than any Subaru could EVER handle)! The GrimmSpeed 3-Port solenoid is guaranteed to spool your turbo faster and maintain rock solid boost control.

Why should you run a 3-Port Solenoid over a traditional manual boost controller? A MBC does a good job with basic boost control, however it will always attempt to give you full boost at all points in the RPM range. For instance, let’s say you set your MBC to a peak boost of 18psi. The boost controller will try to hit 18psi whether you are at 2500rpm or 7000rpm. If 18psi causes detonation at 7000rpm, you are forced to lower your boost level throughout the entire RPM range which will actually reduce power in the mid range. With the GrimmSpeed 3-Port boost control solenoid, you can tune a custom boost curve through the ECU, allowing you to run the max safe boost at any point in the rev range.

Product Features & Notes:
- Get into boost faster: flows 10% faster than the competition
- Plug and play for OEM harness: No cutting or splicing!
- Model specific bracket for clean install: No more zip ties!
- Works safely with the Subaru ECU
- Nickel plated fittings

PLEASE NOTE: This is a boost control solenoid, not a boost controller. Custom tuning is required!

PLEASE NOTE: part numbers are model and year specific, please choose the correct product for your car when ordering.

GrimmSpeed 3-Port BCS $126.00





44mm External Wastegate

When you have to keep the 'Monster' under control!

Tial 44mm External Wastegate. "High temp NiCrFe based alloy is used for valve and 347SS valve housing will offer longer product life compared to competing designs. 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature, resist "relaxing" at temperature to 900F (483C).

Comes with all flanges, hardware and dump pipe.

Brand New! V-Band Setup.

$549.99 plus shipping



38mm External Wastegate

Tial 38mm external wastegate. Heavy duty 347 SS alloy used in valve and valve housing. 17-7 PH SS actuator spring and high temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm gives rock solid boost stability. External Wastegate Gasket included.

$399.99 plus shipping



Garrett GT35R Ball Bearing Turbocharger for BIG Power STis and WRXs

Garrett GT35R Ball Bearing Turbocharger for up to 610 whp!

The most powerful fast spooling T3 turbocharger currently manufactured. If you are looking to make 600 whp, and make it fast, the GT35R is the end of your search. Ideal for heavily built motors looking to get huge amounts of power with minimal lag.

To keep this 'Monster' under control, consider using a 38mm or 44mm external wastegate!

Garrett GT35R Ball Bearing Turbocharger - $2699.99



GT30R or 35R Ball Bearing Turbo Kit for BIG Power STis and WRXs

We have a GT35R turbo kit on our

Custom Xcceleration 'Monster Long Block' making over 800hp!

See Here

This kit is exactly what you need if you crave Big HP and unbelievable acceleration in your WRX or STi.

includes the following:

-GT30R or 35R turbo
-Silicon hoses
-Custom uppipe
-Custom Downpipe
-Intake (w/breather line fittings)
-MAF housing and K&N cone air filter
-Adapter to fit aftermarket front mount intercooler
-Tial 38mm wastegate with custom teflon steel braided top and bottom oil lines

GT30R or 35R Turbo Kit $4999.99

Please indicate GT30R or GT35R kit.

The best complete turbo kits for your Subaru WRX or STI vehicle. These turbo kits are a bolt on high horsepower solution to your 2.0L or 2.5L car. These turbo kits are designed to maximize performance for street, drag, or the ultimate road racing needs.

The kit includes all T304 stainless steel piping that is TIG welded and thick flanges. Piping includes a new 3" downpipe that will fit to your aftermarket or factory exhaust, a new uppipe to work with the factory style headers, a wastegate dump pipe, and a new intake pipe with MAF mount for perfect readings. The Kit supplies the necessary steel braided Teflon lines and Rubber hoses need to fit the factory connections. We also include a Tial 38mm wastegate to control pressure for maximum boost needs. The intake functions with a reusable K&N cone air filter. A stamped bracket is included to keep the intake pipe firm in place. Silicone couplers are available in red to connect the necessary piping. The kit includes an intercooler adapter pipe which connects from the compressor of the turbo to the intercooler piping. These kits have been tested with the APS, TurboXS, Perrin, and OEM top and front mount intercoolers. Lastly all stainless steel hardware is included to bolt the turbo kit together keeping it hassle for free for the life of it on the car.

These turbo kits are designed to make over 500 wheel horsepower on race gas and over 400 wheel horsepower on pump gas as tested on the STI. The WRX will produce less horsepower on the stock motor. All numbers vary depending on car modifications, tuning, and environment. This turbo is custom designed to spool up at around 4000rpm's to give the best horsepower response throughout the powerband. The turbo is capable or running 30psi and greater of boost, however we recommend many modifications to ensure the safety of the motor.

If you do not have all your modifications necessary, please contact us or visit here to see one of our complete STi and WRX Race Stage Kits. We recommend having the following parts:  Larger Intercooler, ECU, Fuel Pump, Injectors, Fuel Rails, Catback Exhaust.  Other recommended parts would be to upgrade your clutch, flywheel, shifter, radiator, and other related parts.


GT30R or GT35R

Subaru BOLT-ON




GT30R-WRX : The custom GT30R-WRX is a great match for the 06+ WRX & 04-07 STI's 2.5L engine, especially if you're looking for boost threshold that is close to stock but want enough airflow for 450+ hp. Almost all the boost is available all the time; even at part to medium throttle!. Boost recovery between gearshifts is awesome with full boost ready even before upshift is complete as the STI lurches forward with shear enthusiasm at the onset of each gear. If you have a built 2.0L and are shooting for 450+ hp, this turbo will work, although it will have significant lag. The modern generation of Garrett wheels, coupled with an awesome wheel ratio, allows even the smaller displacement EJ20 engine to provide adequate motivation to get the GT30R-WRX going for a great powerband. The GT30R-WRX competition-grade turbo still offers the best response and spool time out of any unit in this flow range.

GT30R or GT35-STi : The GT30R-STi have been described as "the right tool to do 500+ HP job." This turbo can support 500+ horsepower on the 2.5L. The GT35R-STi will support 600+ HP. The GT30R has a little more lag than the GT30R-WRX (it makes boost about 400RPMs later than the GT30R-WRX), but it makes more top-end power. We do not recommend this turbo for 2.0L cars, unless they are full-race, built-block applications with head work. If you're looking for a 500hp for your WRX or 600+HP turbo for your STi that is streetable, and has a decent powerband, look no further.

FITMENT: 2002-2008+ WRX & 2004-2009+ STi

GT30R-WRX Internal Wastegate $2899.99

GT30R or GT35R-STi Internal Wastegate $2899.99


GT30R or GT35R

Subaru BOLT-ON




The custom GT30 and GT35s have been taken to the next level by adding a direct fitment external wastegate. The exhaust housing is cast with a flange designed for a Tial 44mm wastegate, while the internal wastagate is eliminated permanently. This setup allows you perfect boost control, and will prevent any boost spiking issues commonly associated with a smaller internal wastegate.

1. Fuel system modifications & ECU tuning a required with these and any other aftermarket turbos.
2. While these turbos will work with a stock-sized inlet, it is recommended to use a 3" inlet.
3. *Dump tube and Tial 44mm wastegate are sold separately!

FITMENT: 2002-2008+ WRX & 2004-2009+ STi - Designed for external wastegate only! A internal wastegate can never be used with this turbo.

GT30R-WRX 44mm External Wastegate Flanged $2899.99

GT30R or GT35R-STi 44mm External Wastegate Flanged $2699.99

Optional *44mm External Wastegate Kit & Dump tube Kit $649.99



Subaru STi 08+

Turbo Upgrade

GT35R Turbo Kit Upgrade for 08+ STi includes:

400chp to 500chp

- Garrett GT35R Ball Bearing Turbo
- Tial 38mm Wastegate
- 3inch Catless Downpipe
- Rotated Mount Catless Uppipe
- Wastegate Dump Tube
- Silicone Couplers
- Oil and Water Lines and Fittings
- Necessary Gaskets
- K&N Filter and Air Intake Tube
- Blow Through MAF Tube

GT35R Turbo Kit Upgrade for 08+ STi $4,459.99

Necessary add-on modifications to support your GT35R Turbo Kit:

to run up to 18psi - 400chp

- Cold Air Intake ( + $295.00 )
- Exhaust System ( + $800.00 )
- Fuel Rails ( + $600.00 )
- Header w/Uppipe ( + $1000.00 )
- Injectors ( + $800.00 )
- Intercooler Kit ( + $1,350.00 )
- Stage 2+ Clutch Kit ( + $869.00 )
- Denso Iridium Spark Plugs ( + $90.00 )
- Walbro 255l/hr Fuel Pump ( + $130.00 )
- Greddy Profec B Boost Controller ( + $380.00)
- Fuel Pressure Regulator (+ $240.00)

to run 18-24 psi - 500chp

- Forged Pistons ( + $999.00 )
- Billet Steel Rods ( + $1300.00 )
- Head Stud Kit ( + $349.00 )
- High Performance Head Gasket Kit ( + $380.00)


Turbocharger for

05-2012 Legacy GT

This VF52 turbocharger is for those who just aren't satisfied with the power that the oem turbocharger offers and need more horsepower! This turbo has an incredible power output of up to about 450hp with 740cc injectors and is a direct replacement for your Legacy GT. All stock oil and water lines bolt up with no modification, the stock heat shield may require some trimming because of different wastegate configurations however. If you want to keep the stock look and get almost 25% more power to the ground, this is the turbo for you. Whether you autocross, road race, drag race, or daily drive your car, this turbo will continue to impress you every time you step on the gas.

NOTE: Upgraded fuel system and tuning required for use of this turbocharger.
FITMENT: 2005-2012 Legacy GT Turbo

REQUIRED: Oil Line Kit 13bd9ec560261dcd must be ordered with turbo.

$2,238.00 plus shipping






Full Turbine Kit

Subaru STI


GT3037S Full Turbo Upgrade Kit is a complete, bolt on turbo package that is sure to improve the performance of your 08-10 Subaru STI. The 08-013 STI turbo upgrade kit features a 56 Trim HKS designed GT3037S turbo that has a .87 A/R. Developing 16-20 psi, the built single scroll GT3037S is capable of delivering 500hp on a fully built and tuned 08-13 STI.

Kit includes a 50mm HKS GT II external wastegate, downpipe, uppipe, heat shields, and coolant (oil & water) lines, as well as all the hardware and gaskets you need to install this on your 08-13 USDM STI. There are, however, parts you will need to make this setup work properly listed below.

Parts not included but required:
- Front Mount Intercooler
- Short Ram Intake
- Blow Off Valve
- Fuel injectors, engine management & tuning


WRX STI 2.5L 2008
WRX STI 2.5L 2009
WRX STI 2.5L 2010
WRX STI 2.5L 2011
WRX STI 2.5L 2012
WRX STI 2.5L 2013
WRX STI Limited 2.5L 2011
WRX STI Limited 2.5L 2012
WRX STI Limited 2.5L 2013
WRX STI Special Edition 2.5L 2010

$5,990.00 plus shipping

Ultimate Legacy

Turbo Upgrade

05-09 Legacy GT

The Ultimate Legacy Turbo Upgrade.

Kit includes the following: GT30R- STi turbo upgrade, large capacity top mount intercooler or front mount intercooler, short ram intake, large capacity STi style intake manifold and turbo inlet pipe kit. The GT30R-STi has been described as "the right tool to do 500+ HP job." This turbo can support 500+ horsepower on the 2.5L. While the GT30R-STi has a little more lag than the GT30R-WRX (it makes boost about 400RPMs later than the GT30R-WRX), but it makes more top-end power. We do not recommend this turbo for 2.0L cars, unless they are full-race, built-block applications with head work. If you're looking for a 500hp turbo for your WRX or STi that is streetable, and has a decent powerband, look no further.

Note: Because of the custom nature of these upgrades and possible need for fabrication, the installation of these parts should only be through a professional fabrication shop or us. Engine management, larger injectors, fuel pressure regulator and other fuel system upgrades will be required, as well as, any additional parts to complete the project.

GT30R-STi Turbo Upgrade Kit w/TMIC $5474.99

GT30R-STi Turbo Upgrade Kit w/FMIC $5849.99






Important and

must be followed


It is absolutely VITAL that certain steps be followed when installing a new or rebuilt turbocharger on a vehicle. Failure to follow the correct procedures will not only VOID your warranty, but will also cause premature failure, or destruction of your turbocharger.

All these steps should be considered necessary:

Oil starvation is the most common reason that turbochargers fail.

You MUST take the following steps in order to ensure that your turbo gets an adequate supply of oil:

1. Thoroughly clean out oil supply lines and / or oil coolers PRIOR to installing the turbocharger.

2. Change the oil PRIOR to installing the turbocharger using a high-quality engine oil.

3. Install the turbocharger and attach all oil and coolant lines


5. You must prime the oil system by cranking the engine over (WITHOUT STARTING) for 15-20 seconds, repeat this at least 3-5 times to get a good supply of engine oil into the turbocharger oil supply system and the turbocharger before starting. 

6. Start the engine and allow it to idle for at least 10-15 minutes before attempting to drive the car.

7. Be gentle with the new turbocharger for at least the first 100-200 miles, attempt to limit full boost so that the bushings can properly break in.

Proper oil changes are essential to the life of your turbocharger, make sure that you change your oil at least every 3000 miles to ensure that your turbo has a long life. 

Important Note: Proper warm up and cool down of a turbocharger is very important.  The vehicle needs to be at operating temperature before full throttle is applied and the turbo is brought up to boost pressure.  Cooling the turbo down properly after running the vehicle is very important as well.  You must allow your car to idle for at least 3-5 minutes when you first start it up before driving briskly, then allow at least 1-2 minutes of cool-down time after driving to allow the turbo to cycle engine oil through the cartridge while temperatures are brought down.

Proper break-in of a turbo, as well as proper scheduled oil changes and maintenance will ensure that your turbo lasts as long as possible.

If you have a problem with your turbocharger, here are some potential things to look out for:

Oil Consumption

Oil coming out the turbine (rear) side on a recently replaced turbo.

We have seen lots of this type of concern:
-Check PCV valve
-Check compression
-Check oil outlet - must NOT be obstructed or kinked
-Check oil inlet size

Most times, especially on new or rebuilt turbos, when the turbo leaks oil out the turbine seal, it is not necessarily a bad turbo. Things such as improper oil drain can cause this. The oil cannot drain out the bottom of the turbo so it passes out the seal. Low compression or bad PCV valves can also cause this problem. These can lead to higher-than-normal crankcase pressure, which will not allow the oil to flow out the drain tube, and again leak out the turbine seal. In some rare occurances, vehicles need an oil restrictor in the oil supply line. Many cars that run very high oil pressure and large diameter oil supply lines will need this to prevent actually blowing oil through the turbo, and straight out the turbine seal.

Oil coming out of the compressor (front) side:

Some of the same problems as above can cause this symptom.
-Check PCV valve
-Check compression
-Check oil outlet - must nOT be obstructed or kinked
-Check oil inlet size

Strange Noises

It is usually quite easy to hear when something has gone wrong with your turbocharger. Rattling, scraping, or screeching sounds are VERY bad.

If you hear a noise that does not sound normal, IMMEDIATELY shut the car down. Make an attempt at minimizing damage.

Oil Starvation

Oil starvation is one of the most common causes of a failed turbocharger, especially a new or rebuilt one. Oil starvation can cause heavy damage to the inside of the cartridge, the turbine shaft, bushing surfaces, etc.

When a turbo starves for oil, material is removed from the bushings, and can be deposited on turbine shafts or bushing races. The turbine shaft is normally warped, which causes the turbine and compressor wheels to hit their housings. Other signs of this type of damage can be hot-spots or burn marks on the thrust bearing, or other internal parts of the turbo.

Samco Intercooler Hose Kit Subaru WRX

Why Samco Hoses? Tougher, more reliable, and greater temperature resistance. All of our hoses use premium quality Silicone rubber with a minimum of 3 reinforcing plies using Polyester or Nomex* fabric, and a smooth "wipe down" finish. Built for endurance and high performance custom plumbing installations where a tough and secure flexible connection is required.

Samco intercooler hoses increase the airflow by providing the smooth surface and a wider pass through. These hoses are a obvious reason why they work once you see the OEM piece. Increase of approximately 5HP. A must if you are keeping the stock intercooler.

Includes the:
Throttle Body Hose
BOV Return Hose
IC Y Pipe Hose

Fits the 2002 - 2004 WRX intercooler.

Available in 'Red' or 'Blue' or Black' - $199.99 each

Agency Power Hard Turbo Inlet Pipe Kit Subaru WRX/STI 02+

There are 2 reasons to change your factory turbo inlet pipe on the Subaru WRX and STI cars. First reason is the factory inlet pipe is very restrictive. Its thin diameter and corregated design reduces air flow and robs your car of horsepower. The second reason is the factory inlet pipe is a very cheap plastic material. When you upgrade to a new turbo, this pipe tends to crack or not fit on the new turbo during installation.

Agency Power has brought you the best solution of a new turbo inlet pipe for your Subaru WRX or STI vehicle. This all stainless steel intake pipe is a full 3 inch in diameter. Its precision welding and features allow you to easily install this hard pipe under your manifold with minimal work. Unlike the competitions silicone intake tubes, there is no flexing, collapse under pressure, or issues with fitment. As well, this intake pipe was designed to use all your factory hoses. No additional hardware is needed. Agency Power supplies you with 2 options for coupler sizes. One is for the stock 2.5 inch turbo compressor inlets and one for upgraded 3 inch turbo compressor inlets. Each inlet tube kit includes hose clamps as well.

This inlet pipe will fit to most short ram and cold air intake kits. It also fits the factory intake pipe. Turbo inlet pipes are available in wrinkle red or fully polished. Each intake pipe includes the black silicone couplers. Inlet pipe fits all WRX or STI cars from 2002 and on.

Available in 'Wrinkle Red' or 'Polished' - $299.99 each



Perrin Radiator Hoses

Perrin Radiator hoses are made of durable 5 ply silcon that gives a smooth inside surface for air to passover. Includes the upper and lower radiator hose and available in red, blue, and black.

Perrin Radiator Hose Kit Available in 'Red' or 'Blue' or Black' - $199.99 per set



SAMCO Coolant Hose Kit

9 piece coolant hose kit to dress up your engine from SAMCO. Replaces the hoses that go from and around the radiator fluid parts to give your engine that extra style. All silicon hoses.

Samco 9 Piece Coolant Hose Kit Blue, Red or Yellow: $299.99




Radiator & Fan


02-07 WRX & STI

04-08 XT Turbo

00-04 Legacy 2.5 NA

03-06 Baja 2.5 NA

The Mishimoto 02-07 Subaru WRX & STI performance aluminum radiator is designed to maximize cooling efficiency by up to 30%, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from overheating. The Mishimoto aluminum radiator features a lightweight dual core, 100% brazed aluminum, and polished end tanks, enhancing the overall performance of your engine. Every Mishimoto aluminum radiator is a direct OEM fit making installation effortless with no cutting or modification required. All Mishimoto radiators come with a high pressure 1.3 bar Mishimoto radiator cap and a limited lifetime warranty including accident protection. Mishimoto makes excellent radiators for both the daily driver or dedicated track car.
Need even better cooling?

Mishimoto's X-Line racing radiator has 3 rows for a core that is 25% larger than the standard version. The triple core design of the X-Line radiator allows more coolant to flow through the core for maximum cooling capacity. Each application is designed as a direct OEM replacement, with no customization required for installation.

The Mishimoto OEM Replacement Radiators for the 2003-2006 2.5L non-turbo Subaru Baja, feature perfectly created plastic tanks with aluminum cores. These radiators are a direct OEM replacement and require no alterations.

Special Notes: WRX/STi
Standard Overall Size: 28.4" x 17.2" x 4.45"
X-Line Overall Size: 28.4" x 17.2" x 4.85"
Core Size: 13.54" x 27.24"
Rows: Standard: 2 / X-Line: 3
Core Thickness: 2"
Tank Wall Thickness: .08"
Relocation of factory oil cooler necessary for fitment on automatic transmission WRX

Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Radiator Cap
Overflow Valve Cover Kit
Fan Bolts
Magnetic Drain Plug
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Special Notes: Forester XT
Overall Size: 27.7" x 17.4" x 2.2"
Core Size: 14.1" x 27.0"
Rows: 2
Inlet: 1.57"
Outlet: 1.57"
Core Thickness: 1.65"
Tank Wall Thickness: .08"
Fill Neck : 1.22"
Drain Plug Thread Size: (M16) .06"
Drain Plug Thread Length: .47"

Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Radiator Cap
Magnetic Drain Plug
1/16" NPT Overflow Plug
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Special Notes: Legacy / Baja
Overall Size: 28.03" x 19.25" x 2.15"
Core Size: 27.24" x 13.66"
Rows: 2
Inlet: 1.50"
Outlet: 1.50"
Core Thickness: 1.65"
Tank Wall Thickness: .08"
Fill Neck : 1.22"
Drain Plug Thread Size: (M16) .06"
Drain Plug Thread Length: .47"

Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Radiator Cap
Magnetic Drain Plug
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Subaru STI 2004-2007
Subaru WRX 2002-2007
Forester XT 2004-2008 (only 2 row)
Legacy 2.5L Non-Turbo 2000-2004 (only 2 row)
Baja 2.5L Non-Turbo 2003-2006 (only 2 row)

$480.00 WRX / STI / XT / Legacy / Baja - Radiator

$550.00 02-07 WRX & STI - 'X-Line' Radiator

The Mishimoto fan shroud for the 2002-2007 Subaru WRX & STI is a significant upgrade over the stock unit. The aluminum fan shroud is significantly lighter than standard OEM shrouds. A Mishimoto fan shroud will effectively drive out heat from the engine bay and deliver more air to the Mishimoto performance radiator. This fan shroud from Mishimoto will secure the fan blades, which otherwise could potentially damage other essential components in your engine. The Mishimoto fan shroud includes the aluminum shroud with two 10" electric fans pre-assembled and all necessary mounting hardware.

This kit fits cars equipped with the Mishimoto brand aluminum radiator only.

Subaru STI 2004-2007
Subaru WRX 2002-2007




AP Aluminum Radiator Kit Subaru WRX STI 02-07

For any vehicle, improved cooling is an issue that may be overlooked. When engine temperatures are high, the efficiency of your motor goes down. By providing better cooling capacity, you can maximize your engines performance. Increasing the radiator core dimensions and improving upon the flow design, AP has developed these performance radiators kits. Whether your car is turbocharged or normally aspirated, an upgraded aluminum radiator will give you more performance on and off the track.

The all aluminum radiator features a high pressure radiator cap, aluminum construction, and mounting tabs for a direct OEM replacement. The factory fans and radiator hoses will fit with no modification. This kit is very easy to install and should only take about 1 hour. The core dimensions for this aluminum radiator are 27.25” x 16.25” x 2.25”. That is almost 25% bigger then the stock unit. In addition to having a larger cooling capacity, the aluminum radiators are much more durable then stock. The factory plastic end tanks can crack under extreme heat and pressure. Under racing conditions, your water temperatures can near boiling points. As tested under the intense Arizona heat conditions, the aluminum end tanks and larger core size help keep the temperature down by at least 15F degrees.

In addition to the aluminum radiator, we recommend upgrading to a silicone radiator hose kit and putting a coolant additive in with your fluids to help keep temperatures down.

Radiators include 1.1bar radiator cap with AP logo. This fits all Subaru WRX and STI vehicles from 2002-2007.

Aluminum Radiator Kit Subaru WRX STI 02-07 $499.99



Huge Top Mount




XT/Baja Turbo

This Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) features a massive bar and plate core for optimal performance and minimal pressure drop. This upgraded TMIC is more than twice the size of a stock intercooler. The TMIC includes a silicon y-pipe and t-bolt clamps for optimal flow and reliability. The t-bolt clamps and silicone eliminate problems related to the intercooler hoses popping off under high boost pressures.

The TMIC accommodates any BOV designed to fit a stock 02-07 WRX/STi intercooler.
Gaskets not supplied, you will need to use WRX/STi OEM gaskets.

Core Dimensions:

$1025.00 plus shipping


Large Perrin Top Mount Intercooler for Subaru Legacy GT and WRX 08

This top mount intercooler is as big as it gets.

Features a bar and plate core and high flowing cast aluminum end tanks. The compact and space efficient design fits factory-mounting points with no other modifications required, and will accept the stock blow off valve.

This top mount intercooler bolts directly to the factory turbocharger without modification. This is the largest intercooler that will fit in the factory location. Retains the use of the factory engine cover and maintains a factory look with it installed.

.: Comparison :.
The stock Legacy intercooler is 10.5" x 9.25" x 2.5" with an internal volume of 242.8 cubic inches. The stock core internal air passages have an inside diameter of .2 inches.

This intercooler is 11" x 10.8" x 4" with an internal volume of 475 cubic inches. That's almost twice the volume at 98%. The core internal air passages have an inside diameter of .375 inches. That is almost 2 times as large internal passageways for higher internal air charge flow.

$899.99 plus shipping


P W Top Mount Intercooler


When you are upgrading to a larger turbo or driving the car hard it is important to keep the air charge as cool as possible. Even though the stock intercooler is able to flow sufficient air, it is still only designed for mild driving and stock power levels.

When pushing the car hard, the stock intercooler will heat soak quickly and take a long time to cool back down. This causes the performance of the motor to decline and power to suffer. The Process West intercooler is a direct factory replacement that features a larger than stock core and lower pressure drop. These 2 features previously stated allow the intercooler to flow more air while reducing the amount of pressure that is lost over the surface of the intercooler. These features allow the intercooler to work better for longer and also allow a larger amount of air to pass through the core. The combination of these things will allow this intercooler to handle upwards of 400WHP.


WRX 2.0L 2004
WRX 2.0L 2005
WRX 2.5L 2006
WRX 2.5L 2007
WRX Limited 2.5L 2006
WRX Limited 2.5L 2007
WRX STI 2.5L 2006
WRX STI 2.5L 2007
WRX STI Limited 2.5L 2007
WRX TR 2.5L 2006
WRX TR 2.5L 2007

Please provide Year, Model and Engine

$995.00 plus shipping


APS DR725 Front Mount Intercooler Subaru WRX STI












Professionally engineered performance for 500 - 700 horsepower applications utilizing 50 - 70 lb/min turbochargers.

The legendary APS front mount intercooler has quickly become the benchmark for all front mount intercooler systems for the Impreza WRX. Extremely high flow rates and massive temperature reduction - a level of performance that other manufacturers can only aspire to achieve.

APS has now upped the ante even further with the release of the D/R 725 front mount intercooler system, specifically designed for very high horsepower Subaru WRX and STI engines.

Unlike other systems that require cutting of structural components at the front of the vehicle, APS has designed the D/R Series FMIC with a truly bolt-on replacement unit that not only maintains the structural integrity of the vehicle, but also forms the perfect mount to accommodate the largest FMIC available for a WRX and STI.

Another bonus for the Subaru performance enthusiast is that the APS D/R Series FMIC maintains the standard fog lights!

In the case of intercooling, where bigger is better, APS shoe horned the largest intercooler core possible into the WRX for maximum cooling capacity and engine performance.With intercooler core dimensions of 9.5" x 28" x 4.5" (24.1cm x 71.1cm x 11.4cm) for a surface area of over 266 square inches and a total intercooler core volume of 1,197 cubic inches (19,600 cm3) (the largest by far of aftermarket WRX and STI intercoolers) that's over 4.5 times the size of the standard top mount intercooler.

The APS intercooler core is of internally finned construction and offers significantly enhanced flow and heat exchange performance over the standard intercooler and other front mount intercooler systems, particularly at high charge air mass flow rates. Also, unlike other manufacturers of WRX intercoolers who reduce cost by using deeper cores of small frontal area, the APS D/R Series intercooler is designed with the optimum ratio of intercooler core surface area (over 266 square inches!) to intercooler volume (1,197 cubic inches). The result is an intercooler system with outstanding flow and cooling performance, particularly at high engine horsepower levels of 500 - 700hp.

However, there is more to intercooling than size alone. Fully engineered light weight, cast aluminum end tanks ensure optimum charge air distribution throughout the entire cooling core for maximum charge air cooling and minimum pressure drop. 

The reality of intercooler excellence in terms of performance equals:

-Largest intercooler surface area possible

-Optimal intercooler internal passage volume

-Lowest possible pressure drop

-Highest possible intercooler core efficiency

-Matched to the turbocharger air delivery in lb/min

In other words the greatest possible charge air temperature reduction with the lowest possible pressure loss at the rated flow of the turbocharger - Whilst maintaining good throttle response.

An intercooler drops the charge air temperature, which enhances the combustion of the air/fuel mixtures. This more complete combustion of air fuel mixtures produces higher engine power. 

Intercooler performance is measured by the amount of energy (temperature) the intercooler can remove from the inlet charge air as well as the pressure drop across the entire system. It is important to consider the entire intercooler system and not simply the intercooler core itself.

Pressure and Temperature Data

The following table details pressure and temperature reduction data at various horsepower levels. Note that turbocharger specification will have a significant affect on temperature and pressure data.

Turbochargers with a smaller capacity compressor for example will discharge compressed air at a higher temperature. This results in increased charge air volume (hence gas speed) through the intercooler system to achieve an equivalent mass flow of compressed air. After all, the mass of air available for combustion is the overriding factor when it comes to producing power from an internal combustion engine. Conversely, a larger turbocharger will supply cooler air for the equivalent mass flow of compressed air.

Flywheel Power

325 hp

425 hp

525 hp

625 hp

725 hp

Pressure Data

Pressure Drop Across Core Only (psi)






Pressure Drop Across Core and all Ducting (psi)






Boost Pressure in Manifold (psi)




27.0 (1)

32.0 (1)

Temperature Data

Ambient Air Temperature(deg F)






Temperature at Compressor Discharge(deg F)






Temperature in Intake Manifold(deg F)

75 (2)

90 (2)

105 (2)

110 (2)

120 (2)

(1) Intake, head, exhaust manifold etc. flow improvements utilized (2) Vehicle Stationary on Chassis Dynamometer.

Never before has such an outstanding production intercooler system been made available for the WRX/STI performance enthusiast. For high horsepower applications, the APS DR725 is the clear choice.

The APS D/R Series Front Mount Intercooler system is supplied complete including every nut, bolt, bracket etc. for easy fitment. DR725 Intercooler above available in Silver Note: Not supplied with APS logo on intercooler core.

$1999.00 plus shipping




Front Mount

Intercooler Kit

WRX 02-05

WRX 2008-2009

STi 04-05

STi 2008-2009

When massive flow and cooling is needed, the this Front Mount Intercooler delivers. Dwarfing the factory IC core volume by more than 3.3 times, the Front Mount Intercooler bar and plate core is larger AND less restrictive at high flow rates resulting in better cooling performance.

NOTE: A Short Ram intake is required to install this FMIC.

This Large Front Mount Intercooler Kit for Subaru WRX and STI includes:

Front Mount Intercooler Core
Front Bumper Support Beam
Intercooler Piping Kit
Silicone Couplers
Stainless Steel T bolt Clamps
Radiator Overflow Bottle
Fuel Line Hose

Front Mount Intercooler Kit

(WRX 02-05 / STi 04-05 / WRX 2008-2009 / STi 2008-2009)

$1500.00 plus shipping





Intercooler Kit

Subaru STI 08+

As you step up the power level on your 2008+ Subaru STI , having proper cooling efficiency is mandatory to maximize your vehicles performance. Street and track cars will heavily benefit from the use of Agency Power's upgraded intercoolers. AP has developed a 2.5" complete intercooler replacement kit for your Subaru STI with little modification needed to the front bumper to fit the new front mount design.

The bar and plate intercooler core is designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency. The end tanks are aluminum and precision welded to the thick racing upgraded cores. The front mount intercooler kit allows you to retain all stock equipment including the O.E.M Fog-lights and blow of valve. AP recommends upgrading to an AP Adjustable Blow off Valve.

The ends of the intercoolers are designed to work with the Agency Power Intercooler piping which consists of a (5) piece piping set that includes all couplers and clamps needed for install. The intercooler Dimensions are:
Length: 31"
Height: 8"
Thickness: 4"
Inlet/outlet: 3"

The intercooler pipes are available in black or red powder coat finish, with your choice of black or red couplers.

$1700.00 plus shipping



WRX / STi Billet

Racing Big Oil


The Oil Sump is available in WRC Spec. The WRC spec is fitted with a sophisticated internal baffle system for enhanced surge control under extreme G Force conditions.

The Sump provides a number of benefits when compared with a standard unit.

-A 35% increase in Oil Sump capacity
-A finned Billet machined base plate to significantly increase cooling
-Heavy Duty Alloy construction and thick billet base plate to reduce chance of puncturing
-Two levels of internal baffling to dramatically reduce oil surge
-Precision machined billet mounting flange

$999.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each sump is made per order. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


High Volume Oil Pan Subaru WRX STI EJ20 EJ25 02+

Sustained high rpms or prolonged high speed driving will result in elevated oil temperatures. Additional oil volume along with improved oil control will reduce damaging oil temperatures. The EJ20/EJ25 High Volume Oil Pan is fabricated from both custom and original components resulting in an additional 2qts oil capacity when compared to standard oil pan. Each kit includes powder coated oil pan, mounting hardware, oil pickup and spacer. Will not work with some equal length exhaust manifolds. Use with our oil control baffle for maximum performance.


-2qts additional capacity -Includes new oil pickup and spacer
-Long lasting powder coated finish
-Installation hardware included

$699.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each sump is made per order. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Oil Control Baffle Subaru WRX STI EJ25 EJ20 02+

Oil control can be a problem with high performance and high revving Subaru engines. High crankcase pressure along with the horizontal engine platform restricts rapid oil return from the cylinder heads to the oil pan. Pressure builds in the heads and crankcase causing massive blow by and power loss. The Cosworth Subaru Oil Pan Baffle has been engineered with diverters to control oil returning from the cylinder heads to the pan directing it away from the crankshaft. Additionally, one-way valves prevent oil from reentering the upper crankcase chamber thereby limiting blow by and preventing oil starvation during hard driving. Manufactured from stainless steel and installs easily between the block and oil pan on both EJ20/EJ25 series engines. Use with our High Volume Oil pan for maximum oil control.

- Manufactured from stainless steel
- Easy installation
- Minimize blow by during sustained high rpm use
- Helps prevent oil starvation during hard driving

$399.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each sump is made per order. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Subaru EJ Series Dry Sump Oil System

A must for racing and high performance use, dry Sump oiling systems offer an unparalleled level of safety and reliability compared to factory Wet Sump systems.

Complete crankcase oil scavenging reduces excessive and residual oil that can cause blow-by and power loss. A Dry Sump also offers more consistent oil pressure to the engine, improved scavenging, and increased ring seal due to greater pan vacuum.

The Dry Sump System for the Subaru EJ20/EJ25 replaces the original oil sump with a machined from solid, low profile alloy pan with twin scavenge ports, internal baffling and o-ring sealing. A two stage scavenge pump driven by a HTD belt, mounted to a heavy duty bracket evacuates the oil from the engine.

- Machined From Solid Sump
- 2-Stage Scavenge Pump
- Pump Mounting Bracket/Manifold
- 34T Pump Drive Pulley
- Crankshaft Drive Adapter Assembly
- HTD Drive Belt
- Crankcase Breather Filter and Fitting

- Fittings and Hardware Required to complete the installation:
- Oil Tank
- Hoses/Hose Ends
- 2004-2007 Subaru STI Alternator bracket
- High Volume/Pressure Oil Pump 20001185

$3999.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each sump is made per order. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


High Volume/Pressure Blueprinted Oil Pump & install kit (Subaru (EJ20/EJ25)

High performance engines reject a substantial amount of heat through the oil system. Maintaining oil pressure along with an increase in actual volume will help dissipate heat and stabilize oil temperatures. Additionally, sustained High RPM use may cause oil starvation at the rod and main bearings. Increasing the oil volume will help to prevent bearing damage and engine failure.

The High Volume Subaru EJ20/EJ25 series oil pump utilizes a completely new inner and outer 12mm rotor to increase volume by 20%. Suggested applications include drag, track day and race use. Each kit includes all required mounting hardware and seals.

$599.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each pump is special order. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


JUN High Flow Oil Pump Subaru WRX/STI EJ20/22/25

JUN developed High flow oil pumps for the engine which may become lack of oil quantity when high revolution. With a tuning engine overusing high revolution, lack of oil becomes a serious problem. We designed new gears in the oil pumps to increase flowing oil quantity. Use our oil pump before the trouble occurred around turbines or crank.

120% Increased Ratio.

$1199.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each pump is made per order. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer. This product ships EMS directly from JUN Machine Shop in Japan. Minimum shipping cost is $90. Upon ordering you will be contacted with a shipping quote before your order is finalized. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.



WRX / STi Billet

Racing Oil Cooler

This Racing Oil Cooler was designed for sustained, high power output applications on the WRX/STi. The Racing oil cooler is manufactured with unique Billet end tanks and is configured for Top or Front mounting. An integrated thermostat ensures critical operating temperatures are maintained.

-Polished CNC Billet end tanks
-S/S braided lines and anodised alloy fittings
-Fully complete and tested

$899.00* plus shipping

*Price does not include shipping, and duty. Please be patient, each sump is made per order and takes about 4 weeks to deliver. All shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser Engine Grounding Kit

Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser utilizing the latest racing technology the Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser combined an electrical grounding system with a battery current and voltage stabilization control unit. The unit is designed to stabilize electrical "noise" and voltage spikes and offer additional grounding for your Subie.

Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser maximizes the efficiency of all factory and aftermarket vehicle electrical systems and as the result you will get smoother engine operation, more efficient electrical component operation, improved electrical current and better fuel economy.

Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser it is a great addition to your Subaru.

Connect to your throttle body, engine and alternator for grounding.

Features include:

- Cool blue led lights to spice up your engine bay
- 2 in 1 designed off both Grounding and Stabilize voltage
- Improve Horse power and torque
- Improve Fuel Economy
- Smooth idling with improve engine response
- Improve all electrical component performance
- Improve battery life

$250.00 plus shipping


NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs (One Step Colder)

The Spark Plug Serious Enthusiasts Rely On

Iridium IX Spark Plugs are the most technologically advanced high performance plugs available. Featuring a 0.6 mm iridium center electrode tip, they offer superior ignitability without sacrificing durability. The tapered ground electrode increases flame kernel expansion, while the superior heat range design is ideally suited to the demands of high performance environments. Specially designed to meet the needs of serious enthusiasts, Iridium IX Spark Plugs offer outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and long life. When you demand the most from your engine, rely on the proven performance of NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs.

NGK's new Iridium IX is the personification of these qualities and takes premium performance spark plugs to a new level. A level that is expected from the world leader in spark plugs.

Note: Sold as a set of four. Also Fits 2006 WRX 2.5L.

Iridium IX Spark Plugs - One Step Colder Iridium

Fits Subaru STi 2.5L 04+ : $49.99 set of four

Fits Subaru WRX 2.0L 02+ : $49.99 set of four

Iridium Spark Plugs - Stock Heat Iridium

Fits Subaru STi 2.5L 04+ : $49.99 set of four

Fits Subaru WRX 2.0L 02+ : 49.99 set of four

High Output fuel pumps

255 IPH

320 IPH

fuel pump

The DW200 and DW300 will allow your high performance Subaru to inject more fuel, run higher boost and make more power. All fuel pumps are fully compatible with E85 fuel, adding an additional advantage over other manufacturer's pumps. All fuel pumps are designed for quiet operation and connect directly into your stock fuel pump location. DW fuel pumps are packaged with an application specific installation kit to guarantee a precise fitment and perfect operation and are backed by DW's 3-year no-fault warranty!

255 IPH $125.00 plus shipping
320 IPH $195.00 plus shipping


Custom Injectors

WRX 02-12

STi 04-12

Legacy GT 04-12

Forester 04-10

BRZ 12-13

2.5RS 97-03

Each set is individually tested and flow balanced to within a 1-2% variance.

100% drop-in fitment

OEM 12-orifice atomization plate (4-hole for 565's and 650's) o-rings

includes all necessary o-rings and seals

440cc injectors $430.00 (set of 4)

565cc injectors $450.00 (set of 4)

650cc injectors $450.00 (set of 4)

740cc injectors $675.00 (set of 4)

850cc injectors $725.00 (set of 4)

1100cc injectors $725.00 (set of 4)

1300cc injectors $725.00 (set of 4)


Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator

Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator

For high horsepower EFI applications where -6 AN fuel lines are used for supply and return.

The Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator was developed for high horsepower EFI applications. Compatible with the Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump, this regulator is a cousin to our widely-used A1000 Injected Bypass Regulator, delivering performance, long-life, and reliable operation.

-Base pressure (vacuum/boost disconnected) is adjustable from 30 to 70 PSI.
-Alcohol compatible.
-Provides two -6 AN inlet ports and one -6 AN return port.
-Fuel pressure will rise on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
-1/8" NPT gauge port.
-Beautifully finished with type II bright red and clear anodized coatings.
-ORB (O-Ring Boss) Fittings sold separately.

Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator $240.00

Install Instructions


Perrin Fuel Rail Kit

The Subaru engine is infamous for leaning out CYL. # 3. The stock fuel rails and lines allow more fuel and pressure to be distributed to the other cylinders. When Subaru owners begin upgrading the engine and adding more boost and more power to this the problem gets even worse. The Perrin Fuel Rail Kit solves those problems. By redirecting fuel to both banks of cylinders as well as the regulator, even fuel distribution is guaranteed. Kit includes billet aluminum rails with stainless lines and fittings. This part is designed for use in all WRXs and STis. However, aftermarket electronics are strongly encouraged.

Perrin Fuel Rail Kit - Specify WRX or STi - $619.00


Agency Power WRX Fuel Rail Kit

The biggest problem in increasing horsepower on the factory Subaru WRX 2.0L Boxxer engine is the fuel delivery. The factory system runs the fuel in series which tends to cause certain cylinders to obtain less fuel. In higher boost applications, these cylinders can lean out dangerously causing the motor to fail.

Agency Power has redesigned the fuel system to distribute the fuel equally to all four cylinders. As well, Agency Power has designed its 6061 aluminum fuel rails to have the proper angle for the injectors to fit and spray the fuel correctly. The distribution block is designed to bolt on to the manifold for easy fitment. Then the factory fuel pressure regulator is retained, as aftermarket ones are not needed for most applications. The distribution block even has a fitment for an aftermarket fuel pressure gauge sensor if you decide to add that later.

The lines are all steel braided and coated with Teflon insides for better flow compared to rubber lines. Teflon even last longer. The diameter of the smaller distribution lines is dash 4. The larger fuel feed line is a dash 10. Each line is assembled to the fuel rail block and distribution block with AN fittings and Teflon tape. This will never leak or come apart under extreme pressures.

The Agency Power Fuel Rail Kit works with all 2002 and up 2.0L Subaru WRX motors only. Top feed injectors work only for this kit like the factory setup. The Agency Power kit is available in Classic Gold with smoke lines and black fittings.

Agency Power WRX Fuel Rail Kit - $599.00



Agency Power STI Fuel Rail Kit


The STI fuel rail kit gives the Boxxer engine equal fuel delivery unlike the stock setup.  This kit will solve all your fuel distribution problems that the stock STI has when trying to obtain more horsepower.  The CNC machined 6061 aluminum rails fit side feed injectors and utilizes a distribution block designed for maximum flow to all 4 cylinders.  In addition, the Agency Power fuel rail is the only kit on the market with safe, non leaking, and secure AN fittings connecting the lines to the rails.  These fittings will never leak and no costs are cut to ensure safety.  The teflon steel braided lines are coated with a smoked covering for long life, prevent wear from rubbing, and flexibility.

Each Agency Power STI Fuel Rail Kit includes 2 anodized and laser engraved CNC machined rails, a distribution block to utilize your factory or aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, a fitting to run an external fuel pressure gauge, and a complete line and fitting kit.  The Agency Power STI Fuel Rail Kit is available in Red, Black or Blue.  Fuel rail fits all 2004 and up 2.5L STI with side feed injectors.  All lines are smoked with black AN fittings.

Agency Power STi Fuel Rail Kit - $599.00

Color: Red, Black or Blue


Greddy Oil Cooler Kit 13row Subaru WRX/STI 02-07

GReddy / GREX Oil Cooler Kits help prolong the life of your oil and in turn your internal engine components. Hard driving causes higher engine temperatures. Factory oil coolers are normally small water-cooled devices sandwiched between the oil filter and engine block.

These tax the cooling system even under normal driving conditions. GReddy / GREX oil coolers are an excellent addition, and are especially effective in harsh driving environments. By using a similar inner-fin core design as our famous intercoolers, we are able to increase oil capacity, decrease oil temperatures, and extend engine and oil life. Our systems also offer an internal (or external) thermostat to allow for quick engine warm up. The efficient core and durable steel-braided lines ensure good flow and a leak free installation.

13 Row
Manual Transmission

Greddy Oil Cooler Kit 13row Subaru WRX/STI 02-07 - $750.00

AccessPORT for



Legacy GT,

Forester XT


AccessPORT Features Include:

  • Installs via the vehicle's diagnostic port - no tools/disassembly/wiring required!
  • Reversible Process: the ECU can be returned to stock at any time.
  • Scantool Capability: Read and clear check engine lights (CELs).
  • Measure 0-60, 1/4 mile times, estimate fuel economy, & estimate torque and horsepower.
  • Customizable multigauge display
  • Displays up to 6 user set parameters in real time
  • Dynamometer: Easily calculate power output and compare with other Accessport users.
  • In vehicle mount, with on/off switch
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • Not a "piggyback" - once vehicle's computer has been programmed by the AccessPORT, it can be removed and the settings will stay on your computer.
  • Not just an "ECU reflash" - AccessPORT features enhancements such as on-the-fly mode switching, data monitors, reading DTCs, performance monitors and more
  • Can be custom tailored to your vehicle by professional tuners



The SMT PIGGY-BACK ECU has been designed to answer the question

“how is my car going to get tuned”?


The SMT 'piggyback' ECU is designed to correct fueling and timing. This is a wire in unit that can be sent to meet the needs of your car. The SMT is simple to install, (must be soldered in) and includes wiring diagrams, and installation instructions. The SMT can be programmed by you using the 'tuning cable'.

The SMT8 piggy-back system has unparalleled performance and a quantum leap of technical innovation. This is all possible with the latest 16 bit DSP processors, crammed full of features that you've never seen before. T

One of the new features is the fully programmable engine protection, which monitors the engine's performance. Should anything exceed the engine's specifications, the SMT8 will gradually reduce the engine's power after a programmable time delay, in essence looking after your engine. This is absolute MAGIC!

The external display output is also new for the SMT8 series. It allows our digital display to receive data from the SMT8 and selectively display the desired value without the presence of a PC. The displays are small with bright attractive LED colour options. Multiple values can be displayed on a single display by simply toggling between them.

An average installation consists of connecting 6 wires to the vehicle's ECU wiring loom, changing the settings of the SMT8 in the setup section of the LetRipp II Tuning Software and voila - you are ready to re-tune the vehicle. An experienced installer can install an SMT8 unit within 30 minutes for a basic installation. The primary features of the SMT8 will take longer to install, simply because there are more wires, but it is worth the wait.

The SMT8 can drive one extra injector (13 ohm) for supplementing fuel at high boost. The extra injector can be controlled via Throttle/RPM, AMP and Engine Temp maps. This allows for precise fuel delivery at boost conditions - a feature which is very popular with turbo and supercharger installations.

Set-points is a feature which makes the SMT8 stand apart from the other piggy back chips. It allows for the implementation of gear shift lights, fan control, idle assistance to mention a few. It has three relay outputs which can be switched on via 14 different signal sources. All Set-point functions can be combined in a logical fashion, and full polarity (higher than/lower than) selection is possible, even switching between the two operating maps is possible.

Two full operating maps (Map A and Map B) are present in the SMT8. Each operational map is capable of being switched into operation in real time while you drive or even when your Set-point function comes true. Switching between the two maps can also be achieved by having an external dash board switch installed, having one operational map for max power and the other for fuel consumption. The options are endless! The LetRipp II Tuning software is able to switch and lock operational maps to facilitate the tuning process.

Two wide band LSU-4 channels can be tuned simultaneously with the SMT8 version 3. This is feature is the major difference between version2. A large 16 x 24 map (384 tune sites) allows for the precise AFR (Lambda) signal modification via the two wide band inputs and outputs. The AFR is mapped via Throttle/RPM, AMP and Engine temperature. Two narrow band AFR (Lambda) probes can also be tuned simultaneously with the two wide band probes. This feature is invaluable for V6 and V8 applications where there are two wide bands probes and two narrow band probes. All 4 lambda probes can be tuned at the same time with one SMT8 unit.

Detailed HELP is available on the unit while the software screen is open. Simply move your mouse over an item and right click and hold down the button. A help description will appear detailing the function of that item. This help feature is invaluable because you get the help from the unit and not from an out of date printed manual. The software manual is also provided with every purchase and should be used as a reference guide, where the item help should be treated as the Holy Grail.

The mapping of all this is done via a high speed USB port and the user friendly, state-of-the-art LetRipp II Tuning Software. All tuning is done in real time and all entered values have immediate effect on the operation of the unit. All in all the SMT8 is the best piggy-back system on the market. It can do everything ... except make a cup of coffee!

SMT8-USER KIT $700.00 plus shipping

SMT8 User Kit:

1 x SMT8 Standard Piggy-Back Controller
1 x SMT8 Tuning Harness
1 x USB Communication Cable
1 x CD with LetRipp Software and Manuals


System definition Tailor the unit to your application
Ignition advance/retard limits Restricts ignition modification range
Start second specification Prevents action after power-up
Analogue Upper/Lower limits Prevents analogue over-ranging
Frequency modification Tune a frequency airflow meter
Frequency upper/lower limit Prevents frequency over-ranging
Boost control Controls the turbo boost
Boost loop gain parameter Set the Boost control gain
Cut protection action Signal cut when protected
Retard protection action Retards ignition when protected
Modify protection action Proportional protection
Frequency protection Protects a frequency signal
AMP protection Protects an AMP signal
Engine Temp. Protection Protects the engine temperature
Air Temp. Protection Protects the air temperature
RPM protection Protects RPM
Time before protection action Specify time before action takes place
Ignition window For not so perfect crank signals
Analog modification channels Allows you to map two engine signals
Wide band AFR modification Allows two banks AFR tuning
Narrow band AFR modification Two after-CAT modifications
Tune narrow from wide AFR Map both Narrow and wide AFR together
CUT AMP+ENGT protection Cut Protection with logical AND
Retard AMP+ENGT protection Retard protection with logical AND
External display specification Tailor your display needs
TPS calibration Adopt to your TPS sensor
TPS direction Specify Up/Down direction
Engine temp. Calibration Two-point adaptation to your engine
Air Temp. Calibration Two-point adaptation to your engine
AMP calibration Linear adaptation to your engine sensor
RPM calibration Set the operating range
Set-point control operates any of 3 outputs
Two RPM set points Switch action on RPM limit
Two temperature set points Switch action on temperature
One AMP set point Switch action on AMP
One TPS set point Switch action on TPS
Two analogues input set points Switch action on two analogue inputs
Two analogues output set points Switch action on two analogue outputs
Two narrow AFR set points Switch action on narrow AFR
Two wide AFR set points Switch action on wide AFR
Two injection set points Switch action on injection length
One Boost set point Switch action on Boost
Logical combination of set points Logical AND, OR
Map switching from set points Invoke different tuning map
External display testing Verifies the external display function
Teeth per injection setting Operates the external injector timing
Teeth per crank turn Adapt to your crank trigger wheel
Edges per crank turn Adapt to your crank trigger wheel
Acceleration enrichment Extra fuel when it’s needed
Ignition map with 384 points For three dimensional Ignition tuning
Ignition AMP map Provides AMP ignition tuning
Ignition Engine temp. map Provides Engine temperature ignition
Ignition Air temp. map Provides Air temp. ignition tuning
7 steps per degree ignition Very fine ignition replica
Injection map with 384 points Two maps for two injection activation
Injection AMP side map Provides AMP injection tuning
Injection Engine temp. side map Provides engine temp. injection tuning
Injection Air temp. side map Provides air temp. Injection tuning
Analogue maps with 384 points For fine tuning of two analogue signals
Analogue AMP side map Provides analogue AMP tuning
Analogue Engine temp. side map Provides analogue Engine temp. Tuning
Analogue Air temp. side map Provides Analogue Air temp. Tuning
Frequency or PWM tuning Both signals can be tuned
Frequency map with 384 points For fine tuning a frequency/PWM signal
Frequency AMP side map Provides frequency AMP tuning
Frequency Engine temp. side map Provides frequency engine temp. tuning
Frequency Air temp. side map Provides frequency air temp. tuning
Boost basic PWM setting Two PWM settings for different loads
Boost air temp. map Different PWM settings for different loads
Boost Target map Precise boost target control
Manual map switching From the dashboard
Automatic map switching From the set point control
PC map switching For loading set ups in to different maps
USB 2.0 communication Communication and optional power
Built-in factory test With dates and results
Administration text field For saving manufacturing data
Dealer info text field For dealer identification
Branding text field Branding information
Password text field Access control
Maximum RPM recording User retrievable recording
Maximum Engine temp. record User retrievable
Maximum Air temperature User retrievable
Maximum AMP recording User retrievable
Fault indication on all major items Easy installation and trouble shooting
Re-flash enabled Field upgradeable
Altitude compensation For influencing fuel mixture
Comprehensive help text Easy understanding without manual
27 point hardware test procedure Tests every hardware function
Engine real-time data For monitoring and display

All engine modification components, except those that are exempt, have been designed and are intended for off-highway application. These components are for racing vehicles only, which may never be used on public roads and highways. Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device or element of design affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on public highways. Violation of such laws may subject the owner or user to a fine or penalty. Installation of this part may void the warranty coverage, if any, on your vehicle. Vehicles modified by the use of performance parts may no longer be lawfully used on public highways. User assumes all cost and risks associated with these items.

*Please note that turbo Subarus are equipped with a factory electronic boost controller.
The solenoid must be disabled in order for the Turbo manual boost controllers to work properly.

Shipping must be added to all product prices.

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