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Legacy / Forester / Baja / BRZ / Crosstrek

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A true world class vehicle, the Legacy, Legacy Outbacks, Foresters, Crosstrek and Bajas have earned the respect of owners and enthusiasts across the world. Our goals with the Legacy and Foresters are to improve the areas they are weak in without hurting their strong points such as their incredible Subaru reliability, ease of driving, and comfort.

Many of the performance products for the RS and TS are available for the Legacy, Legacy Outbacks, Foresters and Bajas. It is possible to increase the horsepower on the 4cyl. cars (exc. H6) up to about 250 hp. The hp is all bottom end, non-turbo horsepower. Or there are complete engine and transmission upgrades so you can drop in a WRX or STi motor and tranny to really surprise everyone. This means it will ROCK!

Please contact us with your questions on any upgrade, and to review your specific needs. Remember to ask about pricing and availability.

Please note, all power outputs stated are only approximations, for reference purposes and
will vary depending on each vehicle, its condition, fuel and modifications.


Engine and Transmission Upgrade & Replacement

Additional Upgrades for the Baja

Additional Upgrades for the BRZ

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