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Basic Terms 101

4EAT – Four Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
5MT – Five Speed Manual Transmission
5EAT – Five Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission (includes Sportshift)
6MT – Six Speed Manual Transmission
ABS – Anti-lock Braking System
AT – Automatic Transmission
ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid
AutoX – Autocross
AVCS – Active Valve Control Sysem
AVLS – Active Valve Lift System
AWD – All Wheel Drive
BHP – Brake HorsePower (measured BEFORE transmission)
BOV – Blow Off Valve
CAI – Cold Air Intake
Cat – Catalytic Convertor
CEL – Check Engine Light
CF – Carbon Fiber
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
Diff – Differential
DOHC – Dual Overhead Camshaft
EBC – Electonic Boost Controller
ECT - Electronically Controlled Transmission
ECU – Electronic Control Unit (engine control unit)
EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
EG – Subaru 6-cylinder engines (up through mid to late 90’s)
EG33 – Subaru 3.3 litre 6-cylinder engine code (SVX)
EJ – Subaru 4-cylinder engines (early 90’s and newer)
EJ20 – Subaru 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine code
EJ205 – Subaru 2.0 litre turbo engine (US WRX)
EJ22 – Subaru 2.2 litre 4-cylinder engine code
EJ25 – Subaru 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine code
EJ255 – Subaru 2.5 litre turbo engine (US Forester XT, Baja Turbo)
EJ257 – Subaru 2.5 litre turbo engine (US WRX STi)
EZ – Subaru 6-cylinder engines (post EG series H6 engines)
EZ30R – Subaru 3.0 litre 6-cylinder engine code (BL/BP Legacy and new Outback)
FDR - Final Drive Ratio
FMIC – Front Mount Intercooler
FWD – Front Wheel Drive
H4 – Horizontally Opposed 4 cylinder (boxer)
H6 – Horizontally Opposed 6 cylinder
HID – High Intensity Discharge (headlights)
JDM – Japanese Domestic Market
LSD – Limited Slip Differential
MAF – Mass Air-Flow Sensor
MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MBC – Manual Boost Controller
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Lamp (CEL)
MT – Manual Transmission
MY – Model Year
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
RallyX – Rallycross
RWD – Rear Wheel Drive
SOA – Subaru Of America
SOHC – Single Overhead Camshaft
TMIC – Top Mount Intercooler
TT – Twin Turbo
UDP – Under Drive Pulley
VDC – Vehicle Dynamic Control
VIN – Vehicle Identification Number
VTD – Variable Torque Distibution
WHP – Wheel HorsePower
WOT – Wide Open Throttle

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Info:
Twin-Turbo: This is one of the most loosely used term. Everyone wants a twin-turbo because Japan has had it. It was a sequential setup with one turbo used for the low end, while a larger turbo was used for the high end. However, it wasn’t the most optimal solution being its cost, complexity, and between the 1st to 2nd turbo transition, there was a decent dip in power. It has been proven that other solutions are more cost-effective and produce better results in general.

More on turbo tech below.

B4: The term used for sedan since the 1998 model year.

B4 RSK: The name given to the turbocharged sport Legacy Sedan in the 1998 to 2002 model years. Remember, Japan has been even further ahead in model changes. They receive their models 2 model years (or MY) ahead of the U.S.

Note: Previous to the BE-generation B4 RSK, the sedan turbo models were called ‘RS’.

GTB: The name given to the turbocharged sport Legacy Wagon in the 1993 to 2002 model years that used the sportier Bilstein suspension.

S401: The ONLY STi production Legacy to date. This 2003 BE sedan model was produced in a short-run and were rather expensive. It contained much gear from the current year Impreza STi though mostly in drivetrain and brakes. It still retained a sequential twin-turbo setup though with a few more ponies. It also received some suspension modifications including Bilstein struts along with BBS 18x7” wheels.

Body Styles (by USDM MY):
BC (1990-1994)
BD (1995-1999)
BE (2000-2004)
BL (2005-2009)

BF (1990-1994)
BG (1995-1999)
BH (2000-2004)
BP (2005-2009)

Color-----------------------LGT.com ------- SOA abbrev.------Numeric Code
Obsidian Black Pearl ---- OBP ------------- BLK -------------- 2J
Satin White Pearl --------- SWP ----------- WHI ------------- 7J
Brilliant Silver Metallic -- BSM ------------ SIL -------------- 9D
Titanium Silver Metallic - TSM ------------ SXV -------------- 8E
Garnet Red Pearl --------- GRP ------------ RED ------------- 3J
Regal Blue Pearl --------- RBP ------------- BDR ------------- 5J
Atlantic Blue Pearl ------- ABP ------------- BLU ------------- 3A

--Additional Outback-specific Colors and Combinations
Champagne Gold Opal --- CGO ------------ GLD ------------ 9J
Willow Green Opal/
Moss Green Metallic ----- WGO? ----------- GRM ----------- U5
Brilliant Silver Metallic/
Granite Gray Opal -------- GGO? ---------- SLV ------------- K3

--Other Subie Colors (not on Leg/OB matrix)
World Rally Blue ----------- WRB ------------ ??? ------------ ??
San Remo Red ------------- SRR
Sedona Red Pearl (old) ---- SRP
Java Black Metallic -------- JBM
Solid Red ------------------- SR

6AA Legacy Sedan 2.5i MT5 na
6AB Legacy Sedan 2.5i 4EAT-S na
6AC Legacy Sedan 2.5i SE MT5 na
6AD Legacy Sedan 2.5i SE 4EAT-S na
6AF Legacy Sedan 2.5i LTD 4EAT-S na
6AG Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD MT5 Black
6AH Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD MT5 Taupe
6AI Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD 5EAT-S Black
6AJ Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD 5EAT-S Taupe
6AK Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Black
6AL Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe
6AS Legacy Sedan 2.5GT LTD spec-B MT5 Red
6BA Legacy Wagon 2.5i MT5 na
6BB Legacy Wagon 2.5i 4EAT-S na
6BC Legacy Wagon 2.5i SE MT5 na
6BD Legacy Wagon 2.5i SE 4EAT-S na
6BF Legacy Wagon 2.5i LTD 4EAT-S na
6BI Legacy Wagon 2.5GT LTD 5EAT-S Black
6BJ Legacy Wagon 2.5GT LTD 5EAT-S Taupe
6BK Legacy Wagon 2.5GT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Black
6BL Legacy Wagon 2.5GT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe
6CA Outback Sedan 3.0R LLBean 5EAT-S Taupe
6CB Outback Sedan 3.0R LLBean NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe
6CC Outback Sedan 2.5i LTD 4EAT-S Taupe
6DA Outback Wagon 2.5i MT5 na
6DB Outback Wagon 2.5i 4EAT-S na
6DC Outback Wagon 2.5i NAVI SE 4EAT-S na
6DE Outback Wagon 2.5i LTD MT5 Taupe
6DF Outback Wagon 2.5i LTD 4EAT-S Taupe
6DG Outback Wagon 2.5XT LTD MT5 Black
6DH Outback Wagon 2.5XT LTD MT5 Taupe
6DI Outback Wagon 2.5XT LTD 5EAT-S Black
6DJ Outback Wagon 2.5XT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe
6DK Outback Wagon 2.5XT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Black
6DL Outback Wagon 2.5XT LTD NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe
6DM Outback Wagon 3.0R 5EAT na
6DN Outback Wagon 3.0R LLBean 5EAT-S Taupe
6DO Outback Wagon 3.0R LLBean NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe
6DP Outback Wagon 3.0R VDC NAVI 5EAT-S Taupe

MT5: 5 speed manual
5EAT-S: 5 speed automatic with sport shift
4EAT-S: 4 speed automatic with sport shift
5EAT: 5 speed automatic
4EAT: 4 speed automatic
SE: Special Edition (base model+power driver seat+moonroof)
NAVI: Navigation System
LTD: Limited (base model+leather+power seats+moonroof+dual zone climate+upgraded stero)

Model Code Key
The codes change every model year
First Spot: The "6" USUALLY means the model year (ex; 6 = 2006).
Second Spot: The letter after the 6 denotes the body style by car (ex LEGACY Wagon is a "B" while OUTBACK wagon is a "D").
Third Spot: The last letter is actually alphanumeric. It starts with the least expensive model/trim/engine level in each different body style and goes up. It starts over at "A" with every body style

General Torque Specs
Downpipe-to-catback torque spec............13.0 ft-lbs
Axle-back torque spec ..........................35.4 ft-lbs
Exhaust bracket torque spec ..................26.0 ft-lbs
Transmission bracket torque spec ............26.0 ft-lbs
Downpipe-to-midpipe torque spec ............26.0 ft-lbs
Downpipe-to-turbo torque spec .............. 26.0 ft-lbs
Uppipe-to-turbo torque spec ...................26.0 ft-lbs
Turbo bracket @ up-pipe torque spec .......26.0 ft-lbs
Turbo bracket-to-block torque spec ..........24.6 ft-lbs (highly unlikely you will need this one.)
Head-to-manifold torque spec .................29.8 ft-lbs
Manifold-to-crossover pipe torque spec .....26.0 ft-lbs
Manifold-to-uppipe torque spec ...............26.0 ft-lbs
Manifold heatshield torque spec ................9.6 ft-lbs
Front 02 sensor torque spec ...................22.1 ft-lbs
Rear 02 sensor torque spec ....................15.2 ft-lbs
Intercooler-to-turbo flange torque spec .....11.6 ft-lbs
Intercooler brackets torque spec ..............11.6 ft-lbs
By-pass valve-to-intercooler torque spec ... 4.8 ft-lbs

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